ចង់ដឹងពីកម្លាំងរបស់កូរ៉េខាងជើងដែលហ៊ានគម្រាមដល់បណ្តាប្រទេស សូម្បីអាមេរិកអត់ មើលទាំងអស់គ្នា


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The camera is a sensor or machinery they brought it to motion picture development by the television industry but it has something more for recording in derail Web Studio disc Utah for journalists to get information, and there is much more that the camera can do. They can transmit pictures or photographs on the film or motion picture camera, the first time that a female is called: black and white camera, and it must be taken to capture images as well. In the weekend. Subscriptions, 21 cameras are the cameras using manual change a signal straight on priority rainbow effect over and cameras get smaller, thinner safety of the cameras and use Web Cam or cameras modern. There is integrated in a computer or communications Steels especially phone spite camera easy to use, however. The system is particularly enjoyed using them for research scientists. The camera often in concert of sight, out of which there are photographs (for indirect and send) or (for medical and scientific use of the camera.

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daguerreotype was the name of the camera called it a French word seized started doing it in 1839 and it is re the first to be announced publicly and the arrest was used and spread as well. Then, in 1839, the same demand more and more products, at least it gives the surge with a beautiful appearance times short easy to use and there are photographers, many interested in the process of it, and is considered, it is a history in the decades Simulator 1980 to 1990 until persist until 2010. The camera images are formed on the surface silver polished highest level, which is usually under the metal, like copper, and they are producing it in the 19th century as well .daguerreotypes can also be manufactured from sheet cash. Moreover, they have the methods of dramatic in the use of plate money into copper. In the 19th century, they have a program chronicles took silver polishing to work polished repetitive, with hidden or velvet using stone. It first started Rally, then it's up red and lampblack one. By the light safelight of silver, it also touches and gas called a halogen. The first iodine has been recognized as a national crystal iodine at room temperature, and then it was touch and smoke bromine to light silver coating halide. It was observed that the effects of chlorine vapors also rise. Then the plate was applied in photography

ញ៉ាក់សាច់ដល់ចឹងទៅអស់អីយាយម៉ងស្រីៗគ្នាឯងក៏អាចគីគីលូបានដែរប្រុសៗដឹងតែអេហើយ មើលទៅប្រុសៗ

Province in the northwest of the country and is located 360 kilometers from Phnom Penh. The surrounding provinces of Battambang, Siem Reap, Oddar Meanchey and Sa Kaeo province and the city's chronic Thailand. Poipet, a town next to the border with Thailand. Poipet is a key economic role in trade across the border between Cambodia and Thailand. Poi stick Aranyaprathet (or short Aranyaprathet in Thailand. Most of the area of ​​lowlands, with some mountainous areas in the north and east. Mongkol main stream of the river and the river Sophon.
Forestry Khmer Banteay
The average temperature of the province is between 30 to 33 degrees. Hot, humid weather, as throughout the country. The rainy season from June to October, the winter from November to February, and summer from March to May.

Province has a population of 816 382, or 5.242 percent of the total population of Cambodia (RGC 2007). 402 men, including 201 (49.11%) and 414 women, 181 (50.89%). Population growth rate equal to 5.93%. People Province peasant 93% 5% 1.17% trader fishermen and 0.83 percent are civil servants.


his area is part of the Khmer empire in the northern province have seen Prasat Banteay, believed to be built in between 13th and 12th century. Most little-known temples Temple and army barracks. [Citation needed] In the 17th century Siam invaded and occupied the country has turned Banteay Meanchey Province Sisophon. In 1907, Siam ceded to France, which was later included as land Province. In 1988 Province was separated from Battambang district 5 is Mongkol Borei district Souphoan district and Srok.

In 1795, Siam and the West over the country have made the area become Cambodia's Siem inside administrative staff (Battambang). The province has been under the control of Siam until 1907 when Siam goods inside Cambodia to take the goods back Trajkovski and ceiling. In the same year, the Sisowath made his break back inside the province (including Sereisophoun) and Siem Reap. At a time when Thailand entered Cambodia western territory its review in 1941 Sereisophoun separated from Battambang and has the town administration in the province prosperity war that lasted until 1946 when the area was completely diverted back under French rule. [Citation needed]

During the civil war in the province from the 1970s and 1980s was the front line in the fighting and make it become one of the three largest mine-rich country together Pailin and Battambang

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Is a province in the country. It borders the northwestern Siem temple in northern northeastern Stung Treng, Kratie, Kampong Cham in the south and east lake in the west. Kampong Thom town Sen City, a city with a population of 30 000 people with magnificent scenery should impress along the shore Sen times. Thom is a province located in the central area of ​​the country. The province has a total area of ​​13 814 square kilometers, divided into 8 districts, 81 communes and 734 villages [2]. Province is the largest province by area 2 in the country. Prasat Prey Kuk, a total of nearly two hundred other temples are very important for the study of Angkorian Khmer civilization. These temples to attract tourists and researchers, like other temples in the Angkor area, and that was very interesting when visited. Station fascinating ancient Angkor period in this area, including the temple and brasaeatoandet. Especially when we had to stay 1 night or two nights with the people there, especially in the Village Beach Sen mouth. That is the house of the community there. This network Road No 6 from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap and a crossroads Province Road 64, which is 126 kilometers. As well as one of the nine provinces, bordering the sap Thom as part of the Tonle Sap Biosphere Reserve

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If we open the royal above to see what we really shocked invading Siamese troops had overrun the country did not stop several times. After their capture, some provinces Khmer today has become Thailand already brought the war deep into the heart center is one of the Kingdom of Cambodia The city, which today is in Siem Reap district formerly known as Nagara was a hot before. But this time, they are forced to run back to the city of Ayutthaya, after being defeated in chollosakrach 902 and 1541 AD.. When contingent old history that occurred on the territory pageant, which is the location of the royal kingdom, we know that in the reign of King Jayavarman 8 and the beginning of the reign of King Indravarman between 1296 Siam opened a massive offensive in Siem Reap in Cambodia or its vassal. And their ambition is definitively decided, as some provinces in central provinces of Sukhothai Wall sex (Diamond wall) and satellite of those provinces, as well as other other provinces, located in the valley of the river main, such as Ayutthaya bland city. After successful, they strengthen its power network. A war of aggression should be noted that occurred for the first time on the Khmer territory was carried out in the kingdom's physical descendants monarchy in 1352.

 For warriors chronicles confirmed that the party was invaded Thailand won their troops Khmer Thom in 1431. Before retreating, they had mobilized tens of thousands of prisoners of war, many Khmer exported to Thailand. On that occasion, they also steal Khmer assets of all kinds in 1431 is the year that defines aonphap Khmer challenges and expansionist Siam without end. of course, the war of aggression has passed the centuries, but left scars in Khmer mindset. The royal Khmer reign of King Ang Chan Kingdom (1516-1555 AD.), The Siamese army invaded Khmer Smooth crackdown against land at the river Angkor in 1541 consequently, that he trasa_bangkeab called the site Reap to as memory Khmer triumphed gloriously this position has become a district, and then during the French protectorate. One notable event was this king carved finish the sculpture of King Suryavarman 2 has already carved. Although shameful defeat, the Thai army was still grabbing Homeland Khmer not subside, and this was continued until sanitation Longvek. In 1594 Longvek, were seized from the Khmer King of Siam Garden Norin. For the failure of the Thai army, led by the Thai king who took Caleb by Chann not a land have come against the city of Angkor Thom. FINAL remind that according to Yemen's Crown King Chann is mighty Khmer kings The most recent post-Angkorian Since this king not only strive to restore the nation only, but he also has ambitions grab some Khmer Thai province of Nakhon Ratchasima province, Buriram, Surin, Si Sa Ket, which has clinched before.

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Siem Reap province in northwest Cambodia. The province's major tourist areas of the country within the province as the site of the famous Angkor Wat and other temples. Recently City are transformed growth through modern hotels, restaurants, shops, etc. that serve the tourism sector.

Other resort near Siem Reap, Angkor Thom, built by King Jayavarman 7 temple Ta Prohm temple, and hundreds more. Angkor region was hit several times from the Thai invasion and finally the capital of Angkor was abandoned in 1431. Also keep in mind that the country's capital was moved from Phnom Penh to Angkor in 1432 already Longvek, and Odong and returned to Phnom Penh in 1866. Sunflowers were found by French explorer Henri Ki Ho (Henri Mouhot) in 1860.
Khmer Youth today do not know the history of Siem Reap, since lack of documents. Of course, the name of the village of Homeland Khmer not present in the country or in the former Khmer territory, which is now in post boundary standpoint, some of the countries involved to the historic event that has already passed.

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Preah Vihear is located in the geographical North Zone of the Kingdom of Cambodia is far from Phnom Penh distance of 320 km, a province in the highlands a mountainous area, where the wide geographic rich big forest wildlife habitat all kinds of mineral natural resources and historical monuments. Northern border against Thailand and Laos vs Southern Kampong Thom province west vs. Reap and Oddar Meanchey vs eastern province of Stung Treng.

Preah Vihear province had a total of 14,031 km. 2 (???) in that area causing increase of 20,000 acres. Xinjiang district 7 includes 49 communes with a total of 208 villages. People in Preah Vihear mostly ethnic Khmer, and the elbow is about 20% of farming lands resin creeper merchandise and little fishing. Employment fields not get high yields, because you follow how conservative farming sky.
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